Diamond Lights Women Initiative (DL), is a non-governmental organization (NGO), with a mission to empower women by helping to develop their minds. Founded on December 14, 2005 by Pastor Adefunke Kasali, the vision of the organization is to see women, regardless of their social backgrounds become excellent in their chosen fields of endeavor. To achieve this objective, DL provides scholarships to young women between the ages of Eighteen and Twenty-five years, who are from indigent homes. We also offer coaching and mentoring opportunities to women who are in need of such assistance.
In the past, we have organized several Conferences and Seminars geared toward supporting women’s efforts at developing themselves. Some of the themes of our past programmes include:
The Entrepreneurial Spirit
Life After  School Workshop
The Total Woman
Be All You Can Be Conference
Over the past twelve years, we have assisted more than one hundred and fifty young women attend universities and polytechnics in Nigeria covering a wide range of courses; including Surgery & Medicine, Law, Geology, Computer Science, Engineering, etc. Today, many of our Scholarship beneficiaries are accomplished professionals in the market place.
We have not just been interested in helping these young women get an education. Our interest includes seeing to the enlightenment of their minds. In 2008, we organized an excursion to Accra, Ghana for ten of our brightest girls at the time, to give them an opportunity to learn beyond their immediate environment. For all the girls, it was the first time they had been outside Nigeria and most had never been in a hotel before then. It was indeed a life-transforming, eye-opening adventure for all the young women. During the trip, they held trainings on life-skills acquisition and held one-on-one mentoring sessions with the founder of DL, Mrs. Adefunke Kasali, in addition to visiting historical Sites in the West African country.
At Diamond Lights, we know that no one solution can ‘solve’ the heavy burden existing in millions of lives in Nigeria but we are resolute to make a difference in the lives of those we reach.
Diamond Lights is committed to being a highly effective, accountable and transparent, non-profit organization. With a great efficiency rating (Less than 12% of fund is spent on administrative cost), we ensure your money reaches those that need it most (88 kobo out of 100 kobo).
We invite more organizations to partner with us by joining the likes of Unilever Nigeria Plc. and Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc. who have been two of our sponsors in the past few years.

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we ensure your money reaches those that need it most (88 kobo out of 100 kobo).